Annual Sunday School Conference

Registration Fee: $65.00 UNTIL MARCH 30TH, 2018 LATE REGISTRATION $75.00
Registration starts at 4:00 pm 
Classes will start at 5:00pm-6:45pm 
Evening Service will start at 7:00pm 
Key Note - Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Whitfield/ Corinthian Baptist Church, Des Moines, IA

For more information please contact:
Martha Frazier: (319) 504-4100 or
Church Office: (319) 233-2587

Lodging Information
Courtyard Marriott
250 Westfield Ave
Waterloo, IA 50701

Rate: $99.00 plus tax – single or double
For Rate: Refer to: Antioch SS Conference

Cutoff: March 20, 2018


1079 - Survey of John
This course will focus on the fourth gospel and its uniqueness. Students will identify
the specific features that characterize John's gospel and distinguish it from the
Synoptic Gospels, with emphasis on John's writings and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

3007 - History of Baptists
This course will examine the roots of the Baptist faith. Students will study the historical
development of the Baptist denomination.

3008 - Theology and History of Christianity
This course will outline the development of the Christian movement from the beginning
of Jesus' ministry on earth to present times. Students will focus on the history,
theology, culture, and times that enable Christianity to develop and grow. Prominent
persons who impacted the Christian movement will be identified.

2061 Millennials in Ministry
The aim of this course is to determine the learning styles of young adult pupils.
Students will learn how to set goals for that age group and to identify the materials that
are best suited for their learning styles. Another focus of this class will be the portrayal
of ways and methods to help young adult pupils to grow spiritually and to foster their
involvement in the life of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on discovering the
reason why the older youth often leave the church and what might be done to retain

6018 - Organizing the Church School/Sunday School
This course focuses on the various administrative tasks needed to direct the church
school ministry. Students will focus on a variety of administrative functions, to include
recruiting, staffing, planning, programming, curriculum, budgeting, policy making,
supervision, delegation, and evaluation.


Event details

  • Friday | 4/6/2018
  • 4:00:00 PM
  • 319-233-2587