Our Goal

At Antioch we are disciples of Christ the church of three ships; Worship, Friendship, and Fellowship. Where our worship is produced by our daily devotion with God. Where our friendship is produced by our love. Where our fellowship is produced by our relationship with Christ. Here at Antioch we are Kingdom Building.


Organized in April, 1913, Antioch became the first Black Baptist Church in the community. Twelve pastors and ten interim pastors have served the church over the past 106 years. The longest period of service was the late Rev. Michael E. Coleman, 25 years followed by Rev. Samuel Davis, 23 years.

On June 4, 1950, corner stone services were held at 426 Sumner Street, the future home of Antioch. The church moved into the basement unit on February 13, 1951. Then on the second Sunday of October, 1953, the church was consecrated to the Lord. The balcony was completed and furnished in 1958. Parking lots at the corner of Sumner and North Barclay Streets were purchased in 1958. Later in 1967, an education unit consisting of eighteen (18) rooms were added.

On January 12, 1975, the new addition was paid for and the church celebrated with a mortgage burning to all property and holdings; thus being virtually solvent and debt-free.

In 1981, Phase 1 of a $1.1 million expansion program began. Phase I included a new sanctuary to seat over 1200 people, new baptismal unit, library and workroom, remodeled pastor’s study and secretary’s office. The increased membership made it necessary to add an 8:30 am worship service to the Sunday program.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Michael E Coleman, the vision of “Kingdom Building” was introduced; Advancing the Kingdom of God with Jesus Christ as our foundation. Antioch’s mission statement of three ships (Worship, Friendship, and Fellowship) encourages us to be a community of Disciples. Our efforts have centered on dynamic worship, ministries, mission and outreach. Membership peaked around 600 under Pastor Coleman’s leadership.

Pastor Coleman believed that training our children and young people is critical to the growth of the church. Accordingly, we have implemented solid financial backing for our scholarship program which includes two scholarships: The CoraBelle Haughton and Mal Duncan 4 for 40. The Antioch Youth Ministry provides an annual Youth Conference each year in June as well as a youth dance ministry. These activities enhance and promote youth participation in worship service.

Pastor Coleman also emphasized faithful stewardship is a responsibility of all church members. Toward that goal, Antioch once again, celebrated with a mortgage burning ceremony in 2014.

What Is Important

Biblical Foundation

We want to affect the world that we live in, therefore, Community outreach is important to us. It it vital that those outside our four walls have the opportunity to experience Jeus in us as we touch peoples lives.

Fun Activities

You can't have praise and worship unless you have true worshippers of God! Our praise and worship, God inhabits the praises of his people! Worshipping the Lord is a great part of our every day lives.  It's not just on Sunday, but it is a lifestyle and an honor to give God all of our praises, all the glory and worship at His feet!  Ps. 150:6 (KJV) " Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.  Praise ye the LORD.


When we glorify God, then God gets the glory! The word glory comes from the Hebrew word which means "Kabod" which means heavyweight.  All the things that have been weighing you down, will be lifted off of you. Showing true expressions of God's love will bring you into a relationship with true worshippers just like the woman at the well.